August Update from the Indigenous Seed Keepers Network

ISKN has been working on organizing a number of gatherings and ways we can bring the message of our program and overall NAFSA voice into native communities.  As a part of our mission of our program, we continue to develop curriculum and tools that serve the larger native community to increase seed literacy and empower their seed sovereignty movements.

Rowen White traveled to Narragansett/Mashantucket Pequot community to offer a seed stewardship training over 2 days as a part of the Intertribal Food Sovereignty Summit.  There were dozens of participants in the seed track over the 2-day program, and we are grateful to make more connections in the Northeast area with tribal communities who are making a significant impact in their communities by creating access to healthy and culturally significant foods.

There was also a vibrant seed swap, where rare heirloom varieties from the northeast region were shared and traded as a part of an overall indigenous barter fair during the event! Nothing gets farmers and gardeners more excited than seeds!

If you are interested in joining the ISKN email list to be included on the monthly calls, please follow this link to this form ( use this link:

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