Indigenous Chopped Challenge – Harvest Edition!

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NAFSA has partnered with our friends at the Intertribal Agriculture Council to offer a second round of our Indigenous “Chopped” Challenge – this time focused on highlighting Indigenous growers and producers by partnering them with a chef to deliver the challenges. 

Each week a different chef mentor will introduce their challenge. Contestants will follow their requirements using what is available at home, and present a completed dish. Since judges won’t be able to taste the dishes, the treatment of the ingredients, meeting the requirements of the challenge, cooking techniques and final plating will determine the winner.


About the challenge:

  • Who: Indigenous chefs, cooks, growers, producers
  • What: A weekly cooking challenge judged by a panel of featured Indigenous chefs and producers
  • When: September 28 – October 12, 2020
  • Where: This challenge will take place virtually through YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Why: With the atmosphere of today, NAFSA is hoping to create an inspirational challenge to engage Indigenous food producers, chefs and the broader Native community, offering engagement and inclusion through traditional foods and ingredients. 


  • This challenge will highlight the partnership between NAFSA and the Intertribal Agriculture Council, while showcasing the work that has been done this growing season by the producers. This challenge will be a continuation of the #indigenouschoppedchallenge that was implemented in May as a way to engage communities as a part of NAFSA’s rapid pivot response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Along with highlighting the work chefs are doing, it also will highlight the work of Indigenous growers and  producers. The goals here are making connections, networking, and relationship building.
  • A new challenge will be announced weekly, changing the course and basket ingredient requirements each time. Each week’s challenge will include one producer choice ingredient that is required to be used, which will be posed by the producer/grower, as well as a technique and course which will be posed by that week’s chef. The two will decide together the winner. 
  • Featured chef mentors and the week’s chosen producer/grower and together will be the weekly judges.


  1. Your submission can be either a set of photos or a video. Video submissions must be 59 seconds or less, edited appropriately to show your ingredients and cooking technique.
  2.  Submissions posted to Instagram or Facebook must include the hashtags #indigenouschoppedchallenge #nativefoodalliance #IAC  #ICCharvest. 
  3. If you are not a judge, feel free to participate in the challenge!
  4. Individuals must submit entries separately. No team submissions will be considered.
  5. One winner will be decided each week. That winner will receive a producer box and a monetary prize. These will be sent out in one distribution at the end of the challenges OR in two distributions done bi-weekly. 
  6. Each winner will be required to provide a W-9 to receive their monetary prize.
  7. Dishes can contain any additional ingredients as long they highlight the main requirements. 




Each week’s winner will receive a prize stipend as well as a box of goodies from featured Indigenous producers, provided by the Intertribal Agriculture Council. In the weeks before the challenge begins, we will highlight these producers and their products on our social media! 




The Harvest Edition of our Indigenous “Chopped” Challenge is a natural progression and follow up to the original challenge at the beginning of the growing season. This edition will be more general, featuring the ingredients that may have been featured on a different platform prior to COVID-19. The harvest challenge will offer a positive space to interact while showcasing different ingredients that are available in various regions.