New Indigenous Storytelling Video Series

Over the past 20 years, a dynamic, grassroots movement to assert food sovereignty has grown throughout Native North America. In communities from arctic Alaska to the desert Southwest, Indigenous peoples have been revitalizing their foodways utilizing land, water and elder wisdom to improve health, grow our own food, nurture the Earth and provide economic benefit to tribal members.

The Indigenous Food Sovereignty Storytelling Project draws upon the collective experience and wisdom of these community efforts to build tribal food sovereignty. It will produce and disseminate a series of short documentary films exploring ten interrelated themes that root and nurture Native food sovereignty.

It will include accompanying action guides and case studies for each theme, providing tools to help nurture community-based efforts to develop resilient and dynamic tribal foodways and provide essential resources for Native communities, tribal policymakers, funders, and others working to build healthy, culturally dynamic, and sustainable Indigenous communities.

Building upon the footage gathered at NAFSA convenings in the last three years, NAFSA is thrilled to announce a new partnership with The Cultural Conservancy to produce a short video that shares stories of the Native American grassroots food sovereignty movement.

We are pleased to welcome Mateo Hinojosa, from The Cultural Conservancy, as the project videographer for an Indigenous Seedkeepers video. Mateo will film at the Great Lakes Summit highlighting the work of the many Seedkeepers involved in the seed sovereignty movement with the Indigenous Seedkeeper Network.