Dear relatives,

Over the past two years, our organization has undergone a tremendous amount of positive transformation that has all contributed to the establishment of a strong, growth-oriented, sustainable organization. This  incredible success has created an opportunity for NAFSA to move from part-time leadership to hiring a full-time Executive Director and Program Director by Summer 2021. To view the full job Executive Director job description, please visit If this opportunity speaks to you, we welcome your application! This opening will close on April 9th, 2021 at 11:59 pm, Mountain Standard Time. 

NAFSA has been blessed to receive the guidance of Diane Wilson and Rowen White, our current Executive Director and Program Director. Diane and Rowen have been leading the organization in a half-time capacity, as they have creative and agricultural endeavors they hold responsibility for in their own communities and gardens.  As thoughtful leaders, they recognize that the half-time bandwidth of our leadership team creates limitations on the organization’s growth trajectory.

We recognize that we are at the point where NAFSA needs a full-time leadership team to maintain and continue to grow into this next chapter of our organization. Diane and Rowen have been working with our brilliant staff and board to envision the next chapter of expanded leadership to meet the growing needs of our work as part of the Food Sovereignty Movement.  

This year, Diane and Rowen will be transitioning into new roles in their contribution to this work, and we will be welcoming new staff to continue their efforts within NAFSA’s work.  Diane will be moving on to make incredible contributions to the movement through her writing and creative expression. She remains committed to supporting the organization through this energizing leadership succession. Rowen has been awarded a year-long sabbatical and will remain in conversation with NAFSA at the end of that time to see how she can support the organization in its next phase.

At NAFSA, when a person leaves their position, we like to say that they’re simply moving to another place in the circle. This example of circular, adaptive leadership is modeled for us by our geese relatives, who we observe practicing shared guidance in the direction of their flocks.

“NAFSA’s incredible success is due to the vision and talents of its Board and staff,” said Diane Wilson, Executive Director. “It’s been an honor to work with this amazing organization. This is the right time for NAFSA to bring in full-time leadership who will help create a sustainable future for the organization.”

We would like to remain transparent with you about our transition plans, and our commitment to thoughtful, intentional steps forward that are nourishing for our organization. We also uplift our appreciation for Diane and Rowen – we will always hold gratitude for their guidance, and honor their tremendous contribution in the establishment of our organization. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Please share this opening with  your networks! We greatly appreciate your support in helping us to spread the word. 


In solidarity,

The NAFSA Team