Native Food & Culinary Mentorship

Our Food & Culinary Program delivers hands-on action and education for indigenous communities while strengthening and supporting efforts already in place. It is now, more than ever, that we need to continue supporting our Indigenous food and culinary movement and strengthening our relationships.

Program Details

NAFSA’s Food and Culinary Mentorship Program assists Indigenous Peoples and communities in reconnecting with their traditional diets and life-ways for the well being and health of their communities. It provides essential resources for Indigenous people to realize the potential for serving their own traditional, healthy foods in their communities and to the broader public.

Our Culinary Mentorship Program works with Indigenous people, Nations, Tribes, and communities to offer traditional food systems-based, social and entrepreneurship learning opportunities, mentorship, and development support. This vital aspect of food sovereignty is also promoting ethical, economic development and job skills for Indigenous people.

How We Achieve Success

Program activities includes the convening of Indigenous Peoples at Native Food Gatherings, featuring hands-on experience training with Indigenous chefs and practitioners in traditional cooking tools and methods, seed saving, agriculture, wild foods gathering, and more.

The program partners NAFSA’s Leadership Council members, experts, and mentors with apprentices who are part of the program and with requests for assistance ranging from technical support, capacity building, training, planning, fund seeking, and advocacy to revitalize Indigenous foods, food systems and trade networks to share food and establish markets to increase the economic sustainability of Indigenous Peoples.

In order to keep offering these programs, we need your help!