Based on the recommendations of the 2022-2023 Indigenous Seedkeepers Network (ISKN) Grant Selection Committee, the following 16 Individuals and Organizations have received grants totaling $39,000.

ISKN Grants were awarded in two categories to partners based in the Southwest and Upper Midwest.

Capacity Building Grants were provided to support Indigenous growers, organizers, and collectives who are building seed access and literacy in their communities.

Indigenous Seedkeeper Gathering Grants were provided to support educational events that build community seed  literacy.

ISKN Seedkeeper Gathering Grantees 2022-2023

Ukwakhwa Inc

Oneida, WI 

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Event will focus on the basics of planting with the intention of seed saving and how to select seeds after harvest.


Chastity Lolita Salvador – Acoma Pueblo

Acoma, NM

Pueblo women farmers will share their harvest and seed cleaning and storing practices.


Miinikaanan Gidinawemaaganoog (Seeds Our Relatives) Grassroots group of Ojibwe seed keepers in the Twin Ports area.

Superior, WI

Event will include sharing of seed saving basics, seed processing, seed swap, and a demonstration utilizing the NAFSA-awarded Winnow Wizard. An Indigenous meal will also be provided.


Native Food Network

Southern WI


This gathering will be focused directly on teaching seed keeping from an instructional standpoint and then giving teaching experience under mentorship from more experienced seedkeepers. By incorporating a seed exchange, the event will also help expand access to regionally grown seeds.


Bay Mills Community College

Brimley, MI

Website     Facebook

In biigoon (winter) a gathering will be hosted at Bay Mills Community College to dream and plan for the coming growing season and beyond. Experienced seed keepers in our communities will share their knowledge about finding seeds, planting dates, soil prep, relationships with seeds, and more. In the ziigwan (spring) at Bay Mills Community College’s Waishkey Bay Farm, we will gather, and a four sisters gitigaan will be planted. In late niibin (summer) a gathering will be hosted at Three Dogs Seed Farm to harvest four sisters. Knowledge will be shared with one another about how to dry and store seed relatives and determine when they are ready to harvest.


Awarewolf Ecology  Two-Spirit, Wixárika-run social-mission driven center dedicated to stewarding our Lands for the next 7 Generations.

Hesperia, MI

The gathering will offer one or more networking sessions for the discussion of the future of Indigenous seedkeeping in the State of Michigan as well as several educational sessions for knowledge sharing on traditional and modern seed harvesting and storage techniques.


Anna Williams Roush – Odawa

Ypsilanti, MI

A series of workshops will be held that will focus on seeds, land/soil, sowing, growing, pollinating corn, harvesting, preserving, and cooking. Ceremony and healing will be built into the practices learned.


We Have Always Been Related

Minowakiing, colonially mispronounced as Milwaukee (Wisconsin)

Gathering will center storytelling, traditional foods, culturally stewarded seeds, and kinship.


ISKN Capacity Building Grantees 2022-2023

Three Dogs Seed Farm

Sault Ste. Marie, MI 

Website     Facebook     Instagram

Building seed access and literacy for Great Lakes Anishinaabek communities by addressing both the immediate and ongoing need for seed as well as facilitating opportunities for community members to grow in their role as seedkeepers through training and hands-on education opportunities.


Ubetcha Wateča Community Owóžu (gardens)

Eagle Butte, SD

Instagram     Facebook

Building water access, providing garden tools and fencing materials, cataloging, food preservation, and Sharing seeds, experiences, and stories via seed saving and food preservation classes and workshops.



Ajo Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Ajo, AZ

Website     Facebook     Instagram

Support the development of a sustainable and just local food system in Ajo, Arizona and the Tohono O’odham Nation. Provides agricultural education, reduces barriers to healthy and culturally-appropriate foods, preserves and revitalizes agricultural traditions, fosters local, food-based economic development and establishes valuable partnerships.


Kaitlyn Walsh – Ojibwe, Fond Du Lac Band descendant

Duluth, MN

Hosting classes and tours with seeds at the forefront, recruiting growers to diversify seed stock, introducing and rematriating Indigenous seeds in partnership with Elders and Tribal community programs.


Kat Thompson – Navajo

Casa Blanca, NM

Making heirloom Indigenous seeds and plants more accessible, reclaiming traditional knowledge on medicinal and native plants, and sharing of cultural and Indigenous foodways knowledge.


Anthony Joseph Barela Nystrom -Piro-Manso-Tiwa Tribe of Guadalupe Pueblo, Yoeme Nation, Mackinac Ojibwe Descendant

Mound, MN

Operating a small seed farm, sharing seeds, plant knowledge, and stewardship information with the community.


Anna Williams Roush – Odawa

Ypsilanti, MI

Increasing seed literacy, seed bank development, and knowledge sharing through workshops and media engagement.


Mark L McConnell – Fond Du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

Superior, WI

Expanding growing capacity, upgrading equipment, seed rematriation efforts, and knowledge sharing programing.