We are currently seeking passionate individuals who are committed to our mission. As a potential board member, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of our organization and advancing our collective efforts towards achieving food sovereignty.

Applications Due June 30, 2024 5pm PT


NAFSA is a national network of Indigenous leaders dedicated to restoring food systems that support tribal self-determination and community wellness. NAFSA brings together proven strategies with innovative thinking as we support and promote Native Food Sovereignty initiatives that renew natural resources and enhance traditional cultural life ways to mentor a new generation of Native food sovereignty activists, chefs, farmers, seed-keepers and land stewards.


NAFSA’s mission is to support Native communities nationally with advocacy, education, and networking as they revitalize their Indigenous food systems


NAFSA will create a national, inter-tribal coalition that honors ancestral knowledge and restores food sovereignty and health for all generations.


StrengthenWe affirm Indigenous community-led initiatives, while centering the sovereignty of our Tribal Nations and Communities.

RestoreWe work to reclaim Indigenous Food Sovereignty while nurturing reciprocal kinship relationships.

IndigenizeWe prioritize the restoration of Indigenous practices, languages, traditions, cultures and connection to ways of being.


As NAFSA embarks on this new chapter of organizational development, our strategic direction is attuned to the dynamic changes within our organization, and the needs of the communities we serve. Our focus is on enhancing Organizational Capacity Building, to ensure we have the robust infrastructure necessary for our expanding role in food sovereignty. In the coming years, NAFSA will focus attention on key areas of impact through the many facets of our work and programs.

Organizational Capacity Building

Strengthening NAFSA’s infrastructure and capabilities to better serve Indigenous communities.

Community Grantmaking

Forging partnerships and collaborations to amplify the impact of Indigenous food sovereignty efforts.

Alliance Building

Empowering Indigenous communities through grants to support local food sovereignty initiatives.

Community Based Events

Fostering community engagement and education through events that celebrate and promote Indigenous foodways.


Building Communications

Enhancing communication strategies to raise awareness and advocate for food sovereignty rights.

Expanding Our Network

Broaden support and engagement in advancing Indigenous food sovereignty.

Advance Your Leadership Journey

Applications Due June 30, 2024 5pm PT


Access more information for your consideration, when applying to NAFSA Leadership Council.